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Golden Blue

When moving to a new home we want it to look better than the old one and if we can’t decide what exactly that mean and how to achieve it the best option is to ask a professional for help. That was the case in this project. My client bought a house with a big open space where the kitchen the living room and the dining room should be placed but they had no idea how to design the space according to their taste. The huge amount of pictures on the Internet and magazines wasn’t much of a help. The only thing that they have known was the place of the kitchen cabinets. The rest was in question and the client decides to put their trust in me to make solutions.

Space itself was vast but it has a couple of problems which needed a smart approach. The main one was the big ceiling beams dropping too low. On top of that, some of them had different dimensions. Some were wider another thinner. The approach which I adopted was to unify the dimensions as much as possible and then put two types of ceiling coving. One big and curved to soften the transition between the ceiling and the beam and one smaller with space for hidden lights.  In addition, the whole ceiling was lowered in a term to make a space for the build in spotlights. That as well helped to soften the contrast between ceiling and beams. The high of the space was good enough and allowed the work to be done without making the area muted and claustrophobic.

Kitchen view

Kitchen cabinets are situated in gallery shape. The quartz stone worktop tempered class backsplash and sleek white matt cabinet fronts create a clean contemporary appearance. The big framed mirror at the end close to the breakfast island brings a touch of luxury lush. The bottom of the cabinets is lit for comfort and increase the light when someone cooks or use the worktop. All appliance are white and build in, and blend nicely with the whole style of the cabinets.

Dining/Living room


The whiteness of the kitchen is counteracted with the colour of the rest of the space. Furniture with warm wooden elements rich hue of deep blue and cheerful yellow complement the space and bring life and comfort to the eye without making area heavy and boring.

Dining view
TV area view