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Our gardens are a place where we relax after long working day, enjoy ourselves and family during the weekends, socialising with friends and have guests when there is an occasion and the weather is pleasant.

Some of us like to put more plants and flowers other prefer less flora and bigger clean space for BBQ and sun beds.  Whatever is your taste is we all like a nice layout and comfortable environment according to our needs and desires.

In this particular project, the rear garden is small but has everything that the client wants. The layout includes plants like a magnolia tree and flowers, a small waterfall, fireplace and sitting area with storage. The floor plan is based on different levels according to the function that they serve. The decking area for a table with chairs, tiled space around the fire and the waterfall for easy cleaning and maintaining. The plants are lifted on built-in pots define the space.

Rear Garden Layout

Because every interior or exterior should be complete and fits the overall design of the whole house, the front porch needed some renovation and improvement as well.

Front Porch Layout

The project is in progress. To be continued.