Every woman dreams to have a home with beautiful interiors and fresh inviting colors on a budget.

Although there are many budget conscious ways of renovating your home, today we will focus on one of the most popular methods – home renovation with the help of the patchwork technique.

What is it and where did it come from?

Legend has it that this art of sewing originated in England. This art of patchwork dates back to the 18th century, when the British began to import massive amounts of wonderful fabrics from India. As the fabrics were very expensive, this was something that only the wealthy could afford. The poor tailors, who were completing the orders, collected small scraps of discarded cloth and started to sew them together. As a result, they ended up creating colorful curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads for their homes in order to bring a little extravagance in their life.

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Patchwork is a needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors, or textures are sewn together. This technique utilizes a single layer as opposed to quilt where there are 3 layers which are stitched together (top and base layer in the middle with padding). Both techniques – patchwork and quilting (sewing) are traditional and very popular in the US and England. Patchwork has origins in England and consists of two words – “patch” and “work”. Although this idea was conceived in the past by tailors who were poor, today this style is very popular not only in the fashion industry, but also in the interior design world. This technique is also used to create wallpapers, which imitate pieces sewn together, carpets, boards and various other accessories and appliances for the home.

This is an example how a simple change of decorative pillows may be sufficient to change the entire look of a living space. Many small colorful pieces which match the wall color are sewn together to transform an old couch into a new look.

The fabrics used in Patchwork need to have some specific features. You need to use 100% cotton fabrics which are non-slip. Silk or polyester fabrics are not suitable for patchwork. There are special fabrics specifically for patchwork. They are fine, soft and yet strong and much easier to work with. The patterns are printed using special technology that preserves the original colors.

The fabrics of different collections have the same glossy look which makes them suitable to combine them with one another.

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Patchwork and fashion design trends

Over the past few years, patchwork has gained popularity in the fashion industry and is now widely used by fashion designers. The colorful handbags, hats and scarves can be spectacular highlights of your appearance.
Patchwork items add romance, comfort and a touch of sophistication to the interior of the modern home.