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What is the first thing on your mind when you think about a nursery? In most of the cases, you think of toys, single or bunk beds, and not about functional furniture. You can find a few furnishing tips in today’s design proposal. The color patterns, the beautiful desks and the unusual layout tell you a lot about our connection and relationship with the most precious individuals – our kids.

In the design plan of every nursery, one has to take into consideration that this is a very special place, where we need to invest a lot of creativity and innovation. The child should feel comfortable in his/her own space. The room should reflect the child’s unique personality. It should be multi-functional allowing the kid to not just play, but also to learn and thrive.

In the design plan of each room, we created multi-functional areas for entertainment, sleeping and storage. There is enough space to store clothes, toys and small personal items.

Every design includes the three most essential kids’ furniture – a bed, closet/bookshelf and of course, a desk. Additional personalized items can be added to blend with the decorations.

Decorating the nursery can be a lot of fun, especially when the child is old enough to participate in the activity.

When furnishing the rooms, you need to take into consideration that kids grow fast and their preferences and tastes change over time. Additionally, their needs will change as well. Therefore, we recommend taking the long term needs of the children into account during the design phase of the room.

There are many possibilities when it comes to designing a nursery. It can be challenging to keep the room spacious without compromising the beauty and the elegance when selecting furniture. The focus here should be to create a bright, safe and spacious room where the child will feel comfortable and enjoy the room. You should take these into consideration when you select furniture for the room.

According to psychologists, positive thinking originates during one’s childhood. As a result, it is an important and exciting task to choose the interior design for a nursery. We have selected a collection of seven room designs for kids of different ages. Among the different styles, you can chose from themed, playful, romantic or just incredibly beautiful and unique combinations.

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girl's room
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And finally one funny bathroom for kids
quaaak kids bathquaaak bath