Dental Cabinet Reception Makeover


The Project

I don’t know anybody who loves to attend the dental practice but every one of us has to do it from time to time. Wouldn’t be better if we have to wait for our procedures in a well-designed place providing comfort and relax atmosphere? It most definitely does.

This small private practice approached me with a request for making a proposal project for renovation and makeover of their reception area.

I hope you will enjoy the project and the end result.

Moodboard – Initial Proposal
Main reception design
Basin area design
WC design
First floor design

The completion

Reception – work in progress
Basin area
First floor


Golden Blue – Living Room Design


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Golden Blue

When moving to a new home we want it to look better than the old one and if we can’t decide what exactly that mean and how to achieve it the best option is to ask a professional for help. That was the case in this project. My client bought a house with a big open space where the kitchen the living room and the dining room should be placed but they had no idea how to design the space according to their taste. The huge amount of pictures on the Internet and magazines wasn’t much of a help. The only thing that they have known was the place of the kitchen cabinets. The rest was in question and the client decides to put their trust in me to make solutions.

Space itself was vast but it has a couple of problems which needed a smart approach. The main one was the big ceiling beams dropping too low. On top of that, some of them had different dimensions. Some were wider another thinner. The approach which I adopted was to unify the dimensions as much as possible and then put two types of ceiling coving. One big and curved to soften the transition between the ceiling and the beam and one smaller with space for hidden lights.  In addition, the whole ceiling was lowered in a term to make a space for the build in spotlights. That as well helped to soften the contrast between ceiling and beams. The high of the space was good enough and allowed the work to be done without making the area muted and claustrophobic.

Kitchen view

Kitchen cabinets are situated in gallery shape. The quartz stone worktop tempered class backsplash and sleek white matt cabinet fronts create a clean contemporary appearance. The big framed mirror at the end close to the breakfast island brings a touch of luxury lush. The bottom of the cabinets is lit for comfort and increase the light when someone cooks or use the worktop. All appliance are white and build in, and blend nicely with the whole style of the cabinets.

Dining & Living room


The whiteness of the kitchen is counteracted with the colourful of the rest of the space. Furniture with warm wooden elements rich hue of deep blue and cheerful yellow complement the space and bring life and comfort to the eye without making area heavy and boring.


The Experience Resorts


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Project Location:
Carambola Beach
St Croix

Club building, pools and lazy river are parts of the concept design of a resort complex investment project which will offer an unforgettable holiday experience under hot Thailand sun.

The whole complex is consist of the main hotel building and multiple separate family houses.  Our task was to design and propose a new clubhouse building pool redesign and renovation and set a lazy river path which fit the landscape of the complex.

R_Experiance resort_day_Big_revision01

Night club building – Day

RYID_Experiance Night

Night club building – Night


Lazy river Grotto


Club building and main pool crossed by a lazy river – concept plan

Work was done for Cayford Design
London 2017


Daytime space Renovation


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I present my last Kitchen extension and daytime space renovation project. Originally space is placed on the ground floor of three storey house and is a separated self-spaced one bedroom flat.

The goal was to achieve nice luxury looking space and at the same time to be comfortable. The biggest challenge was the natural lighting. The flat is located below street level and the rear garden is raised up. Windows are situated on both fare sides of the property and the daylight is highly restricted. That is the reason for me to use a lot of glossy surfaces like glass and mirrors strangely arranged in the space and mainly white for the furniture and walls.

Dining space with glass cladding wall 
Look towards the fireplace and sitting area
Living space

The proposed Kitchen is small but convenient. It is made in a classic style but with contemporary appliances in fitting white colour.

Floor Plan


Project GARDEN


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Our gardens are a place where we relax after long working day, enjoy ourselves and family during the weekends, socialising with friends and have guests when there is an occasion and the weather is pleasant.

Some of us like to put more plants and flowers other prefer less flora and bigger clean space for BBQ and sun beds.  Whatever is your taste is we all like a nice layout and comfortable environment according to our needs and desires.

In this particular project, the rear garden is small but has everything that the client wants. The layout includes plants like a magnolia tree and flowers, a small waterfall, fireplace and sitting area with storage. The floor plan is based on different levels according to the function that they serve. The decking area for a table with chairs, tiled space around the fire and the waterfall for easy cleaning and maintaining. The plants are lifted on built-in pots define the space.

Rear Garden Layout

Because every interior or exterior should be complete and fits the overall design of the whole house, the front porch needed some renovation and improvement as well.

Front Porch Layout

The project is in progress. To be continued.


Kitchen Design – follow up and finished project with pictures

The finished kitchen is finally here.


Cabinets – Basic white.

Bespoke Doors – made by Sweden company:

Doors dark colour
Doors light colour
Handle design

Main worktop – White Quartz Stone.

Island worktop – Copper plated surfaces:


Finished Design


More about the project you could find here:


Bathroom design – collaboration project

This bathroom project is made for PH London Ltd. in collaboration with Paulo Hanke. My task was to help to create the design and drawings. After we finished the project I decided to make a 3D pictures for it and represent my view of the design with visual images.

I allow myself to make some little changes and represent my point for the colours and overall design.

Here you can see the mood board made for the actual project.

Weston Green Phase 2 - draft Specification February 2017
mood board

And here is my expression and view for the design of this bathroom

As you can see, I kept the main ideas and floor plan of the leading designer of this project Paulo in general but put inside my touch.


Kitchen Extension

This is the first stage of Kitchen extension and ground floor renovation of London house. Two options of interior was provided.

Main features of Option one:
CSSC_Presentation_ryid 1

– full with extension;
– more space for kitchen cabinets;
– sink is situated on the island;
– decorative brick wall in the kitchen;
– extended wall under stairs with more space for WC and space for storage;
– kitchen and living room on two different levels;
– sliding doors from hallway towards living room;
– working place situated in the living room faced the back of the sofa.

Main features of Option two:

– two types of doors towards garden;
– cooker and extractor hood situated on the kitchen island;
– small WC under the stairs with sliding door;
– kitchen and living room on equal level;
– built in and bigger library;
– 180 degree opened doors from hallway toward living room;
– working place situated in the living room under bay window.

CSSC_Presentation_ryid 4

Further development on the project 3D visualisations

Kitchen View R03

Dining Area View R02

Living Room Library View R01

Some of the drawings for this project

Interior  Plans manhole place
Interior Elevations

To be continued…